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line of sight

line of sight

BoilingPoint -The The [ Matt Johnson] - From NakedSelf Album (2000)

4y ago


Artist The The Album NakedSelf Release Date Feb 29, 2000 Label Interscope Records CREDITS: Michelle Amar Vocals (bckgr) Calley Art Direction Spencer Campbell Guitar (Bass) Dorit Chrysler Vocals (bckgr) Lloyd Cole Vocals (bckgr) Bill Emmons Assistant Engineer Frank Ferrer Drums, Drums (Snare) Earl Harvin Drums, Drums (Snare) Jason 71 Assembly Martin Jenkins Assistant Engineer Matt Johnson Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Photography, Concept, Guitar (Baritone) Brian Kelly Vocals (bckgr) Fred Kevorkian Assistant Engineer Bruce Lampcov Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mixing Engineer Dave Lee Engineer Roger Lian Compilation Editing Brian MacLeod Drums (Snare) Roli Mosimann Mixing, Mixing Engineer Fran Musso Production Coordination Phil Painson Assistant Engineer Ellis Parrinder Photography Eric Schermerhorn Guitar (Acoustic), Composer, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Baritone) Prince Strickland Mixing Howie Weinberg Mastering ► DISCLAIMER : NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. THIS IS NOT A BROADCAST. I HAVE LEGALLY PURCHASED THIS PRODUCT AND I DO NOT INTEND TO OBTAIN ANY ECONOMIC ADVANTAGE FROM UPLOADING THIS TRACK TO MY PERSONAL CHANNEL. I ONLY OWN THE MEDIA IN WHICH THE MUSIC IS STORED, BUT NOT THE MUSIC IT SELF. THEREFORE I'M NOT INTENTIONALLY BROADCASTING THIS TRACK TO VARIOUS LISTENERS AT ONCE. To some critics (fuck most of them anyway) The The / Matt Johnson could have done better with this album when comparing it to previous releases from the "band", such as Dusk and Mind Bomb. But the truth of the matter is this album is pretty good, just as any other The The album. Great Matt Johnson. This album was released back in 2000 and from that point "The The" has not released any new material; but the mind behind "The The" has, and here are some of his "solo" projects, which by the way has very little -or to be more precise no- similarity with his work as The The, but they're still worth listening to of course. 1986 Quiet Moment Dolce & Nuit Productions 1989 Something About the Moon Dolce & Nuit Productions 2004 Line of Sight Matt Johnson 2005 Horizon Line Matt Johnson 2006 End of a Day Dolce & Nuit Productions 2006 Origins Dolce & Nuit Productions