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Bob Dylan: Julius & Ethel

3y ago


Now that they are gone, you know, the truth it can be toldThey were sacrificial lambs in the market place soldNow that they are gone, you know, the truth it can come outThey were never proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubtThe people said they were guilty at the timeSome even said there hadn't a-been any crimePeople look upon this couple with contempt and doubtBut they loved each other right up to the time they checked outEisenhower was president, Senator Joe was kingLong as you didn't say nothing you could say anythingNow some they blamed the system, some they blamed the manNow that it is over, no one knows how it beganEvery kingdom got to fall, even the Third ReichMan can do what he pleases but not for as long as he likeWell, they say they gave the secrets of the atom bomb awayLike no one else could think of it, it wouldn't be here todaySomeone says the fifties was the age of great romanceI say that's just a lie, it was when fear had you in a trance