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Bob Anderson of Johnson County in Linn County Iowa to Ron Paul Campaign Leaders Be Fair to Romney

4y ago


Cedar Rapids / Marion Iowa May 15, 2012 Linn County Central Committee 42 USC 1971 - Sec. 1971. Voting rights US Code - Title 42: The Public Health and Welfare Second District Candidates Bob Anderson -- Johnson County 1.  Active in Republican campaigns from Ronald Reagan-forward as a county leader, and a young Republican leader. In Johnson County, has been chairman of the issues committee, chairman of Senator Grassley's reelection committee, served on the state and district rules and platform committees. Serving in his fourth year as chairman of the Johnson County GOP Central Committee. 2.  "That's a question that I have not answered to anyone. In my opinion, the chairman should remain neutral and a host to all of the presidential candidates and their aspirations. I attended or sponsored events for all of the candidates. I tried to be a fair advocate for all of the candidates and giving them all fair treatment in our county." 3.  "My position is, that as an elected officer of the Republican Party, I would not endorse or work directly for any specific candidate until that candidate has been duly nominated by the party either by primary vote or convention. Once that candidate is official nominee of our party, then I support them fully." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Opinions/Comments I've received from Iowa Delegates via FB in private messages. "The offering of this Unity Slate is a slap in the face that says my time, money, opinion, and voice dont matter. If they dont matter, then I will find places where they do make a difference". -anonymous member of JCR "I and a lot of people out there would be pretty darn disenfranchised if this slate somehow made it through. Im already disenfranchised by this to the point Ive had about enough of wasting my time going to central committee meetings if this is how they are going to treat the labor of republicans and delegates. Ive got better things to do with my time in my own home with my own family and between me and my own God than to put the hours Ive put in this year organizing phone banks, driving, writing posts, setting up events, organizing fundraisers and advertising, and researching this quagmire of rules the party doesnt follow or usurps at that last minute. The offering of this Unity Slate is a slap in the face that says my time, money, opinion, and voice dont matter. If they dont matter, then I will find places where they do make a difference." anonymous JCR Central Committee member "I'm sorry but I cant help but be appalled by this from someone who promised even handed and non preferential leadership. He can use whatever words he wants, it doesnt change the fact that we have a two candidate race. When you are endorsing a slate which decreases from one and gives to the other you are both aiding and inflicting damage upon each in kind. Im sure he could invoke an eloquently nuanced phrase upon this topic which would make it sound all flowers and butterflies and hippie love but it is what it is and Im not buying that line anymore. Unity doesnt mean a unification against a single candidate of our own party, and against all of the work we have all done for our candidate." JCR Central Committee member "He is the chair of Johnson County GOP pushing people away from the GOP neither he or Armstrong have ever attended a Ron Paul rally, but did Romney rallies that is bull" LCR Central Committee member "What is fair about throwing out the results you dont like?" Woodbury County delegate ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here are the facts: Ron Paul came in 2nd place in the Iowa Straw Poll Romney came in 7th place in the Iowa Straw Poll Ron Paul came in 3rd place in the Iowa Caucus Romney came in 2nd place in the Iowa Caucus ROMNEY HASN'T WON ANYTHING IN IOWA EITHER! NOT EVEN THE DELEGATES!