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Blur: No Distance Left To Run (2010) Full Documentary

4y ago



Blur: No Distance Left To Run (2010) A retrospective retracing of the band's life and times in the ever-so-slightly melancholic light of their 2009 reunion tour. Trawlings of behind-the-scenes tapes are anchored by fresh accounts and witterings from the four band members, and artily diced with footage of the reunion gigs. The faded picture of a rag-tag Essex art-punk outift called Seymour hoisted into some parallel stratosphere of unfathomable pop superstardom is painted well with a patchwork of dodgy out-takes, home movies and backstage banter. Best music moment: Choice cuts include Alex trudging through reams of Japanese radio station idents ("Hi, I'm Alex, the stupid one from Blur... Stop eating whales, you cunts"), an inebriated Graham struggling with a wine bottle backstage on 'The Great Escape' tour (before his alcoholism was deemed anything but 'a laff') and Seymour's startlingly ace 'Superman' performed live in Harlow, Essex in 1989.(Jaimie Hodgson, IMDb