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Blowing Sh*t Up - 5 Minute FX

1y ago


Subscribe to BAMMO by clicking here!: Having trouble making your action scene awesome? Not anymore. Bammo found a Hollywood VFX artist who has worked on things like 300, CSI and Ocean's 13. He is donating his time to Bammo fans in order to help you with your special fx needs. In other words, he will help you finish your film for free. If you have a video that needs special fx, submit to and watch him work digital magic in 5 minutes. If you have any questions about how to submit or VFX questions for the Five Minute FX guy, email SUBMISSION LINK: Disclaimer: 5 minutes may not be enough time to actually do everything you need done. Here are some links to some online stock footage libraries we like Pond 5 -, Turbo Squid -, Video Blocks - How to Track tutorial: How to Rotoscope tutorial: In this episode, the 5 Minute FX Guy will show you the best way to make explosions and muzzle flashes on your video in the quickest way possible. Wanna learn how to make explosions, how to do muzzle flashes, how to track, how to rotoscope, or how to be awesome at VFX? This is your show! Our 5 Minute FX guy helps one of our viewers, Nathaniel, with a car chase segment by adding and showing how to do muzzle flashes, explosions and all kinds of really cool VFX... in only 5 minutes!!! Share on Facebook: and Twitter: If you have something to submit, it doesn't have to be a car chase or anything awesome. You just have to want the 5 minute FX guy to make it epic. Facebook: Twitter:!/bfbammo Tumblr: Additional sound provided by Audio Micro: Special thanks to Drobo: Created: by Cher Lytle and AJ Tesler Directed by: Cher Lytle Executive Producer and Developed by: Mike Rotman Executive Producer: Sarah Penna Executive Producer: Steve Raymond Unit Production Manager: Nicholas Veneroso Director of Photography: Jan Michael Losada Audio: Kevin Bellante Makeup Artist: Elle Favorule Editor: DJ Sing