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The 6 minute and 30 second extended trailer to the A BLOOD RED SKY feature film documentary, from Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker Chad Calek (Paranormal State, The Ghost Prophecies, AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER). While AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER took you back in time to Calek's roots and the genesis of the AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER team, A BLOOD RED SKY leaps forward in time to the dawn of what many call the "Mayan Doomsday Prophecy", in which A BLOOD RED SKY will explored this concept as it has never been explored before, while taking a closer look at the chain of bizarre events around the world that are seemingly connected, and strangely coinciding, with the emergence of Dec. 21st, 2012... date that is said to mark "the end of days'. What will Dec. 21st bring? While that is debatable depending on who you ask, what isn't being argued, is that the world is currently experiencing massive political, sociological, religious, financial and environmental failures and disasters of a catastrophic level. Will a one world government save us all? How about advancements in technology? How about alternative fuel sources? Or does the problem, and potentially the solution, reside on the shoulders of the collective consciousness of mankind as a whole? Have we all lost hope in "us"? And if so, has this literally created a negative chain reaction of negative events that are now occurring throughout our planet? Could mass psychokinesis truly exist? And if so, A BLOOD RED SKY will explore how much actual (not theoretical) power exists within the worldwide collective consciousness, and more importantly, how much power exists within the mind of a single person. A BLOOD RED SKY will answer these questions and more. In search of the truth, Calek will again push the boundaries with his AGH team of investigators, which is comprised of paranormal investigators Mary Beth Wylie, Justin Holstein and Joe Ansley. In addition, world renowned parapsychologist Dr. Ciaran O'Keeffe, who many may know from his time on Most Haunted, joins Calek's AGH investigative team as an independent witness to the highly dangerous experiment that will be conducted by Calek and crew, in which ethical, religious and political beliefs, medical safety and legal restraints must be disregarded in order to conduct and complete a legitimately dangerous, "first of its kind" experiment. When all was said and done, the process of the experiment, as well as the results, left the entire AGH team completely fascinated and stunned by the severity of their findings. Prepare yourself for one of the most unique, intense, shocking and terrifying documentaries you have ever witnessed. With a target release in December of 2012, "A BLOOD RED SKY" is the follow up documentary to Calek's critically acclaimed AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER autobiographical documentary, which will be released worldwide in October of 2012 (more information coming soon). FOLLOW THE AGH TEAM ON TWITTER AT: @AGHChad @AGHJoe @AGHJustin and @AGHMaryBeth FOLLOW "A BLOOD RED SKY" on Twitter at @ABLOODREDSKY_18 FOLLOW DR. CIARAN O'KEEFFEE ON TWITTER AT: @ciaranokeeffe FOLLOW "A BLOOD RED SKY" ON FACEBOOK AT: "A BLOOD RED SKY" OFFICIAL WEBSITE: