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rock star

rock star

Block McCloud & DJ Waxwork - Hallucination [A Prime Cut]

4y ago


Directed by Prime Cut ( "Hallucination" off Block McCloud's (of Brooklyn Academy, Army of the Pharaohs) debut solo album, "Four Walls" produced by DJ Waxwork (formally of Snowgoons) Cinematography by Matthew Novak on the RED Scalret ( Production design by Monica Mayorga ( Check out the behind scenes video here: Twitter: @BlockMcCloud @PrimeCutFilm Facebook: Instagram: @Block_McCloud_DMGCEO @PrimeCut Special thanks to Michael Rojhay, Kromeatose, Paulie Nugent and Scottie Edge (Ded Rabbidz), Bravo, Egon, Squeegie O, and Rock Star (of Danger Room), GQ Nuthin Pretty, Fresh Jones, Nicole, Just-One, and everyone that helped to make this video possible.