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BLITZKIDS mvt. - Cold - Official Video

4y ago

Description About BLITZKIDS mvt.: "It´s actually wonderful to be a bit magical" was the comment made by the synthetic pioneer and pop avant-garde artist Klaus Nomi so appropriately during his lifetime about his own artistic oeuvre. A statement which also perfectly fits the unusual achievements of the Berlin Electro-Dadaisten BLITZKIDS mvt. Even before the release of their debut album, the upcoming BLITZKIDS mvt. Single "Cold" is featured on the soundtrack of the brand new US cinema blockbuster "Chronicle". The US superhero story went straight to number one in the American cinema charts in the first week and promises to be a box office hit when released here on the 19th of April. True heroes were also responsible for the title song, "Cold", of the soundtrack. BLITZKIDS mvt. are the newest signing from Warner Music on their freshly launched Dance Sublabel BITCLAP. Kraftwerk, Spandau Ballett, Steve Strange, Boy George, Vivienne Westwood: they were the first generation of Blitzkids. A load of people, young at the time, who found their musical home in a London club called "Blitz". They saw themselves as a reaction to Punk and strived to create new artistic forms. The Berlin formation BLITZKIDS mvt. has the motto for 2012 "Modern, excitingly different with world-shattering consequences". In 2010 BLITZKIDS mvt. already made a name for themselves in the fashionable scenes with the raunchy club numbers "Blinded" and "Water" which went directly into the Top 5 Club Charts and the group has impressed audiences with a few, but exceptional club gigs. As with many other bands from the capital, for the charismatic frontman Nomi (a homage? An inspiration!) and the BLITZKIDS mvt. it´s not all about poses - it´s about attitude. It´s not about style but "Stil" as demonstrated in "Cold" by the artistic group positioned somewhere between postmodern and retro-futuristic. It´s about the battle between light and shade and that is the main point. The idea to combine pop music, performance and attitude is still here and survived the eighties. Pure magic in fact. Music produced by: Petone & Pit-tek Video Credits: ( Directors: Björn Jonas ( Cecilia Harling ( Simon Darsell ( Styling: Nomi / Christof Post ( Hair & Make-Up: Manuela Kopp @ Nina Klein (