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first hand

first hand

Bliss - 'Lifted' CoD4 Montage.

4y ago


READ DESCRIPTION 1 1/2 months of recording on and off plus a few old clips I left out about 17 clips bc they were rendered poorly, but I had fun recording for this even know i barely played cod bc of IRL shit but Im not gonna lie and say i tried my hardest when i really didnt I could have recorded longer and the clips could have been alot better but I still like it and like the way it turned out. YES THERE ARE SOME SL CLIPS GET THE FUCK OVER IT I PLAYED SLS BC THATs THE ONLY FUN THING TO DO IN COD4, I'd like to thank everyone on my FL, Ive been in the community since 08 and have seen the changes first hand and its really shitty now and we arent gonna get the old one back but im not here to talk about that, Ive been recording since cod5 2009ish under different alias ive had alot of channels before this most of them hacked from me like iscopezftw which had 1.8k and thereallysimple which had 3.2k and ive enjoyed my time on youtube and im considering quitting bc i just got my permit and I already have a car but when i get my actual license I wont be on xbox ever so im gonna try and make 1 or 2 last montages before I get my license in January, Thank you everyone who have supported me and have been there from the start, i know its just a game but some of the people ive met over xbox have made an impact on my life idc call my a nerd or a faggot for saying this but they wont be forgotten when i quit xbl, you know who you are. and to all the "Haters" and "Trolls" dont even bother commenting or hating on this tage I didnt make it to be "good' or get 'known' i made it for FUN remember what fun is? probably not cause your all virgins so. Im grizz and i say Deuces LOLOL. Thanks for watching my tage. Also if you want to upload the promo just keepvid it