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same shit different day

same shit different day

Blind Ambitions - Break Free

4y ago


Track 7 from our debut album "Breaking Free" Download the entire 11 track album for FREE: Facebook: Merch Store: Lyrics: Set me free Day to day, year to year, trapped here There's so much that I hope to achieve but it feels like this straight line society has every wish to drag me to my knees Wake drain sleep repeat, a life I refuse to lead Born to conform; no choice Taught to accept; brainwashed These towns all look the same; same shit different day There's a world I have to see I'm working up the strength to break free Break free There are worse states of life than death I'm not gunna be just another piece of an endless puzzle you call an existence I can't just sit here and fit in Wake drain sleep repeat a life I refuse to lead I'm working up the strength to break free Break Free I won't let my cycle continue Take a stand- yeah man- against wasting your days on a system that sees you only as a number Don't waste your days