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walk with me

walk with me

The Blessing - July 2

2y ago


My children, I come to thee with a word of wisdom and truth. Those who have ears to hear, listen to what the spirit says to the churches! Your mighty King, God of all, Creator of the Universe, Melech Ha'olam speaks today words of Truth. Shall I not welcome you in to my kingdom with open arms and a loving smile? Shall you not become aware of the glory of it? One event? Yes. Multiple stages? Yes. Who can understand the mysteries of the Almighty? Shall I not reveal these things for you? You must be fully equipped in order to enter into battle against these enemies. They trod you underfoot for days, weeks, months - yet I shall not forsake you. I shall provide all the weapons you need! Trust in me! My children, the event is like no other in time. My word speaks the truth of it. It is not as any man has known, lest the enemy become aware of it and steals it out from under you. Shall I not win this battle? Therefore must I keep my war plan hidden until the last possible moment. Soon shall be the reveal, and only my children shall be made privy to it. There is the blessing my children, and it comes before the battle. Wait patiently upon me. In my time my beloved children. Patience is tried yet those who walk with me will be rewarded. Prepare for the battle and await the command to go forth!