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canadian rock

canadian rock

Bleeker Ridge - Impossible @ Quebec City

4y ago


Bleeker Ridge were back in Quebec City on June 21th for a last minutes free show for the Velirium! So,that means that RockNRoll Canada/ Bleeker Ridge Quebec were back on the road to see them AGAIN! And again, the guys were on fire! This video is for their performance of their new song called "Impossible" and please NOTE that sometimes you'll see some black stripes in the video, was the result of the white screen behind Dustin :( Love Bleeker Ridge and want to know more about them? Go ''like" their facebook page: And check out their website: And follow them on twitter:!/BleekerRidge Thank for watching! Be sure to join our facebook page to discover a tons of awesome Canadian Rock Bands like Bleeker Ridge !!/RockNRollCanada And if you live in the province of Quebec (only) :!/BRfansQC