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POWER RANGERS Walter Jones (Zack Black Ranger) & Jason Narvy (Skull) Interview

4y ago


Q: Who Is Your Favorite Character From Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? Power Rangers Now on DVD! SUBSCRIBE! | 2nd Channel: Friend Me! | Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Walter Jones / Jason Narvy Interview. Watch Alex Heartman Interview: Watch Selwyn Ward Interview: Watch More Power Rangers with Black Nerd: Watch Black Nerd at Comic-Con 2012: ==================== SPECIAL THANKS to Shout! Factory for this interview | Buy Power Rangers on DVD: *NO FINANCIAL COMPENSATION given for this promotion. SPECIAL GUESTS: Dr. Jason Narvy "Skull" Walter Jones "Zack / Black Ranger" MUSIC: "Beverly Hills Black Nerd" & more by Brett Juilly | FACEBOOK: | G+: TWITTER: | PICS: PINTERESTS: | ASK ME Q's: | SHOP AT THE BLACK NERD STORE: ==================== BLACK RANGER NERD! Power Rangers Walter Jones & Jason Narvy Interview - Black Nerd Comedy -- San Diego Comic-Con 2012. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers, I interview Walter Emanuel Jones (Zack the Black Power Ranger) and Dr. Jason Narvy (Skull) at SDCC 2012. I ask the infamous question of why Zack had to be the Black Ranger. We also talk about Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in pop culture, Power Rangers on DVD, crazed fans, Zack trying to get with Angela and Zordon cockblocking. How to Interview Power Rangers How to Celebrate 20 Years of Power Rangers How to Cover Comic-Con 2012 How to Be the Black Ranger How to Beatbox the Bulk and Skull Theme Song The Black Ranger The Black Power Ranger Zack the Original Black Ranger Zack the Original Black Power Ranger Black Ranger Meets Black Nerd Black Nerd Meets Black Ranger Black Power Ranger Meets Black Nerd Black Nerd Meets Black Power Ranger Black Power Ranger Interview Skull Interview | Bulk and Skull Interview Walter Jones Interview Walter Emanuel Jones Interview Jason Narvy Interview Dr. Jason Narvy Interview Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on DVD Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Complete Series Power Rangers 20th Anniversary Shout! Factory Releases Power Rangers on DVD Time-Life Releases Power Rangers on DVD ==================== BLACK NERD COMEDY: Sketches & Spoofs, Rants & Vlogs, Events & Interviews, Stand-Up & More from Actor, Comedian, Writer and "Black Nerd" Andre Meadows. | Copyright 2012 - Andre Meadows. Black Nerd Comedy. "Power Rangers" "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" MMPR Comic-Con "Comic Con" SDCC 2012 BlackNerd BlackNerdComedy "Black Nerd" "Black Nerd Comedy" Interview Zack "Black Ranger" "Black Power Ranger" "Walter Jones" "Walter Emanuel Jones" "Walter Emmanuel Jones" "Jason Narvy" "Dr. Jason Narvy" Skull Bulk DVD "Complete Series" "20th Anniversary" Anniversary TV Saban Superhero "Black Superheroes" "Shout Factory" "Time Life" Black Nerd Comedy yt:quality=high HD Andre "Andre Meadows" funny laugh jokes