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playstation plus

Black Ops 2 Movment Smoothness and Stalker, Summit TDM 38-1 MP5K

2y ago


* * Giving my thoughts and opinions about what I hope that the movement speed and smoothness will be like in Black Ops 2 and also discussing why I enjoy having stalker so much and why I think and hope that it isn't in blops 2, remember to rate, comment and subscribe for more :) :) :) :) :) :) Tags Call of Duty Black Ops 2 thegervan team deathmatch tactical nuke call of duty cod4 cod mw2 free for all killstreaks campers harrier pavelow ac130 search & destroy mw2 tactics care package glitches tricks gameplay tips noobtube nuke boosters booster hunting scar-h claymore Should Infinity Ward Be Held Liable For MW3 kill modern warfare salvage longshot infinity ward headshot knife riot shield noobtubers snipers ump45 vector cold blooded air support akimbo stimulus resurgence map pack killstreaks no-scope intervention barebones pro headquarters barret 50 hard scope tar21 stimulus map pack akimbo booster hunting black ops booster payback booster justice randy savage treyarch machinima respawn twitter commentary commentaries clips montage semtex kill throwing knife montage try hard beasting cheats belgium director split second demons souls god of war earthworm jim mortal kombat geometry wars medal of honor maffia 2 activision bulletstorm starcraft blizzard ubisoft prince of persia ps3 move playstation plus ps3 xbox360 xbox slim subscription subscribe fifa 11 pes 2011 deus ex human revolution infamous 2 blacklight tango down end of nations tejbz guitar hero motorstorm apocalypse driver san francisco test drive unlimited 2 gran turismo 5 if you copy my tags fine, but is it so hard to think about your own list of extra tags? teaser trailer gears of war 3 forza motorsport 4 fable 3 the legend of zelda skyward sword comic con e3 assassins creed brotherhood blur nintendo wii super street fighter twisted metal little big planet 2 fallout new vegas castlevania lords of shadow tron evolution bodycount rage brink portal 2 hd pvr epic mickey metroid other m final fantasy glitches commando noob retro gaming girls gaming female gamers bioshock 2 online multiplayer leaked trailer preview game review gameratings gamertag psn network id hupitgaming emergency airdrop care package capture card render settings blametruth hutch seannaners onlyusemeblade wingsofredemption prosdonttalkshit mrsark fspkyle muzzafuzza xcal woodys gamer tag nextgentactics ngtgames spiderbite ea sports ea games pyropuncher hupitgaming ninja pro commando noobs tejbz booster destruction call of duty black ops trailers gameplay ownage booster hunters booster package randy savage sniping no-scope amazing kill cheat hacked lobby Call of Duty Modern Warfare Of Duty: Cod4 Mw2 Sign Cod5 4: Gameplay Xbox World Montage Scope Ps3 Zombies Boobs Cod6 Ward Multiplayer Infinity Map Cod2 Destroy Search team defender opinions balance M4A1 Video Game Review First Collection Reviews Dvd Update Quick Assult Drone PS4 720 Games scarecrow xthexscarecrowx wingsofredemption