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Staff Picks

Bit O' Babble #3: Bowie Dance - S.I.T.

4y ago


In which Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman celebrate a birthday in a way only they can. Feat: Ralph Bowie singing and Kevin Bowie dancing! Recorded live at a taping of Hollywood Babble-On at the Jon Lovitz Podcast Theater. ---------------------------------- Click here for Bit O' Babble #2: The Creepy Clown! Follow Kevin Smith on Twitter: Follow Ralph Garman on Twitter: Like SModCo on FACEBOOK: Here's more Bit-O-Babblin for ya! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE S.I.T CONTENT! FOR MORE TALKING, GO TO: SEE SMOD LIVE, GO TO: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: ----- Bit O' Babble #3: Bowie Dance - S.I.T.