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the opportunity

the opportunity

"The Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching" - Now on DVD for an EXTREMELY limited time!

1y ago


To get your copy, visit until 9/20/2012 We're incredibly excited to announce that we're FINALLY releasing a DVD of our kick-ass 2011 documentary 'The Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching'. But don't wait too long you've only got 6 weeks to place your order. After that, you're out of luck.. forever. In the year since the film has premiered, we've continued to receive requests to release the film on DVD and digital download, and if there was ever a special way to release this special flick, this is it. The official DVD, hand signed and numbered, will be loaded with deleted scenes and special features unavailable anywhere else. This DVD will never be for sale, and will remain a sought after item made available only by backing "Still Searching's" follow up film "Planet Weird". For a measly $27 bucks, you get an extremely limited DVD, buttons, and access to the "Planet Weird" development blog. Plus, shipping is included for the US and Canada! There's a few other perks up for grabs as well, including signed posters, maps of Sasquatch sightings, memberships to the Planet Weird Adventure Club, and even the opportunity to go on your own paranormal adventure with a film crew following the whole time! As a bonus, should we hit our goal, we will make a digital download of the film available to *everyone* a few weeks after the DVDs are sent out to backers. For more info, and to snag your copy of the DVD, head to Http:// between August 3 and September 20, 2012. After that, you're out of luck!