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big bang

big bang

Big Bang: The Real Concert 5/14 (We Belong Together)

4y ago


Order They Performed: 1)Tell Me Feat JinuSean 2)She Can't Get Enough 3)Dirty Cash 4)SOS Perf. (Taeyang, GD and TOP) 5)We Belong Together Feat Park Bom 6)Forever With You Feat Park Bom 7)LaLaLa Remix 8)Goodbye Baby 9)Fools Only Tears 10)Ma Gurl (Taeyang Solo) 11)Next Day (Seungri Solo) 12)Trying To Smile (Daesung Solo) 13)Big Boy (TOP Feat Eun Joo *MooGaDang & SWI.T*) 14.This Love (GD Solo) Concert Order: 1.Bigbang 2.V.I.P 3.Ma Girl 4.눈물뿐인 (Fools Only Tears) 5.We Belong Together 6.Forever With You 7.웃어본다 (Trying To Smile) 8.Big Boy 9.다음날 (Next Day) 10.She Can'T Get Enough 11.Dirty Cash 12.This Love 13.La-La-La 14.Good Bye Baby 15.흔들어 Dirty Cash (For Fan - Original Track) Credits: musicstar88