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☆ The Biceps - A Beginner's Guide ☆ (FLEXDEM TV)

4y ago


In this video which is specifically aimed at beginner's, EZ demonstrates a selection of the exercises he uses most frequently when training his biceps. About Flexdem Clothing and the Flexdem TV channel: Flexdem Gym Wear combines classic old skool styling with a modern street vibe and is a brand made for people who are prepared to rep beyond failure as standard. The TV channel is an open ended video series that covers weight training, strength & conditioning, bodyweight exercises, fitness, nutrition, supplements, interviews, mini documentaries, abdominal development, weight gain, weight loss etc... Flexdem Gym Wear: Facebook: Twitter: A bit of info about Ez: Ez has over 35 years of experience in sport covering running, judo, boxing, Japanese ju jitsu, vale tudo, Brazilian jiu jitsu and weight training. He excelled in boxing where he competed over a 20 year period from a 110lb junior right up to a 179lb senior (light heavyweight) open class fighter and won a multitude of honours, represented his country and travelled the world fighting. Whilst Ez is acutely aware that he isn't 'qualified' in a sports academic sense and hasn't racked up a pile of certificates, he does step up with many years of hands on practical experience where everything he will be passing on to the Flexdem TV viewers, has been tried and tested thoroughly. This means that his approach in no nonsense, contains no bullshit and is straight to the point. To contact Ez direct - Facebook - Music by Dj Dave Van Hook Track - Space Hippies 4 (Missing Persons File)