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the seeds

the seeds


4y ago


I emptied my heavy eyelids swollen with tears… Behind the Curtain of Darkness. Oppressive chains imprisoned my feet Even so, a hopeful song rose to my lips. This was no time to wallow in sorrow! Many doors were slammed in my face And I was surrounded by misery and shame My ominous shadow filled me with fear… But this was no time to wallow in sorrow! From deep within, an animal-like survival instinct took over, And I put my begging bowl forward: They tossed pieces of bread from a distance They were afraid to catch my disease. But this was no time to wallow in sorrow! I was ready to fight with my last drop of blood… Then I saw up ahead… a fork in the road. In the middle of the pitch black night All the lonely souls had come together. We started marching together through a dark forest To our promised land. We encountered wild animals Lame as we were, we faced steep cliffs - After all, we were outcast people on outcast land. After the dark forest of Pain came Joy with a loud roar: The seasons brought good fortune in their wake And every cell in my body pulsated with life. A strange romance had begun between our tears And the sweat running down our cheeks This was no time to wallow in sorrow! The storm trapped inside of me, Has been released like a dammed river... And I know that the road to the future will begin here: On this soil, humanity will learn to hold the weak in her embrace And from this soil will spring the sacred river of creativity. So plow these fields and sow the seeds of hope; Because these are the fields of dreams! Tomorrow, our harvest will be bountiful... This is no time to wallow in sorrow! These rivulets of sweat represent wisdom , And this wisdom will be the womb for tomorrow’s leaders. I have given myself completely to realizing this dream… So here! Take these offerings: my wealth, my possessions, and my sweat… This is no time to wallow in sorrow!