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super mario

super mario

Best and Wurst - Becks loses his cool, Peruvian pinball, and the Japanese Balotelli!

1y ago


This week's Best and Wurst starts with San Jose player Sam Cronin on the deck with an injury, and then some clown kicks the ball at him - guess who? Only David Beckham! He scored in the game, but LA lost 4-3. Once the snogging between the match officials stopped, Jose Galvez took on Universitario in Peru and we're still not sure how this went in. Miguel Ximenez claimed it, amid the usual understated celebrations in the stands. Hardly anyone makes contact with the ball especially Galvez keeper Daniel Reyes And if you haven't seen it yet, we sign off with a J-League tribute to Super Mario Balotelli from Vissel Kobe's centre forward. That's yer lot... For now! Bookmark: Subscribe - Twitter - Facebook Goal UK: Goal International: