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energy drink

energy drink

Best Energy Drink Mix with 500mg of Liquid Caffeine per Ounce (cheap, strong, caffeine)

2y ago


Simple to use... just add 5150 Energy to your favorite drink (water, juice, Gatorade, beer, etc.). Add a little when you need a quick "wake me up" boost, or use a lot when you need a big boost. Best of all YOU DECIDE what beverage to use and how strong you want it ! Each ounce of regular 5150 Energy contains a mind blowing 500mg of caffeine. And, since it's a liquid, you can add it to hot or cold beverages (unlike powder caffeine). Plus, it works Insanely Fast ! Why Use 5150 Energy Mix? First, how much does a can of your favorite energy drink cost? You can make your own 83 mg caffeine Energy Drink using 5150 Energy for as little as .05¢. Second, try pronouncing half the ingredients in most energy drinks. Our two main ingredients; purified water and caffeine. Third, Insane Energy !!!