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al arabiya

Berlin exhibits 6,000-year-old Saudi treasures

4y ago


A group of prominent politicians, intellectuals, historians and scientists has participated in the inauguration of "Roads of Arabia" at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. The exhibit includes more than 400 rare antiquities collected from the Arabian Peninsula and was held under the hospices of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah, and the German president. Al Arabiya reporter Anis Abu Al Aula covered the opening and came back with this report. We are in the museum island in Berlin, and more precisely in the Pergamon Museum, for the opening of the "The Saudi Archaeological Masterpieces through the Ages" exhibition. "This exhibition shows the cultural and civilized dimension of Saudi Arabia, which is saying to the world today that it is indeed a country that embraces many civilizations. It also shows that the role that the kingdom and its leadership are playing today is in fact a historical genuine role that was crowned in the past by Islam, which by the way, did not eradicate these civilizations." The exhibition displays about 400 antiquities that cover the history of the Arabian Peninsula from the Stone Age to the present time. The historical value and raw beauty of the works impressed the public who attended the opening ceremony. On the margin of the opening, the Kingdom signed three agreements with a number of German universities and institutes for relevant scientific research in a bid to reinforce collaboration between the two countries in the field of archeological excavations. One of the agreements was signed for the purpose of excavation in deep regional water in the Red Sea. "What Saudi Arabia is witnessing nowadays is similar to what Egypt had witnessed in the 19th century due to the great archeological discoveries made in the kingdom." The exhibition highlights the abundance of metallic and stone archeological masterpieces, as well as the meticulous artistic talent that introduces the visitor to the different historical eras of the Arabian Peninsula. But above all, the exhibition is living proof that the Arabian Peninsula embraces a touristic and cultural wealth that is as valuable as oil. One of the visitors said: "It is the second time I attend this exhibition. My husband worked with the university in charge of the excavation for two weeks and the pieces displayed are truly amazing." The show reveals antiquities from the dawn of human civilization and constitutes a window from which German citizens can gaze in a new dimension on the Translated by: Stanela Khalil Voice: Nadia Idriss Mayen