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Behind The Magic Disney Holidays 2009 2 of 3

1y ago


Behind the Magic - Disney Holidays At Walt Disney World Resort, the holidays are a year round event! So while most folks are still digesting Thanksgiving dinner, the Disney crew has been working for the past eight months to get ready for their holidays! That includes almost 8.5 million lights, 15 miles of garland, and over 300,000 yards of ribbon are made into bows each and every holiday season. And while you're carrying that box of ornaments in from the garage, the Holiday Services Team is transporting nearly 150 semi-trailers of decorations each season, including an 18,000 pound base for Magic Kingdom Park's largest Christmas tree! Come along with HGTV's David Bromstad for this amazing behind the scenes look how the Walt Disney World Resort decorates for the holidays - and learn how you can recreate some of that special magic at home! David Bromstad