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comic books


1y ago


Before, Before Watchmen is a two part retelling of the tumultuous relationship between Alan Moore and DC Comics. We tirelessly pored over documents, interviews and first hand accounts to bring you something with all the historic factual accuracy of The Land Before Time. Directed by Mat Rees and produced by Lee Johnson of WeScareMonsters Before, Before Watchmen is actually the pilot sketch from their upcoming web series The Cult of Smack. The Cult of Smack is a sketch show for 'us' - the comic book geeks, fanboys, nerds, musos, film buffs, gamers, redditors, twitterers, Whedonites, the tech savvy, and the cult smart. We launch later this year and aim to misbehave - like the internal logic of Prometheus. The Cult of Smack - The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth. Follow Director Mat Rees @scratchman on Twitter for untimely messages from an unreliable source.