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DAY 501 - BEAUTIFUL SUNSET VOTD Features ErikTV365 with all permissions granted by him. Full video is located at We hope you enjoy our vlogs! Track info: Kevin Macleod - Be sure to Subscribe to us (Reasons to subscribe 1: Cute Kids 2: Survived Cancer 3: Committed to vlogging forever; just to name a few) and leave me lots of feedback/comments so that we can get better and better each and every day WE vlog. OTHER CHANNELS ******************* My new channel is - Amy's new channel - Spread the word! SOCIAL STUFF ******************* CONTACT ******************* ErikTV365 'at' gmail 'dot' com Wanna send us cool stuff? PO Box 195 Fate, TX 75132 --- DAY 500 HAPPY DAYS FOREVER "Cancer Survivor" Testicular Cancer Survivor Vlogging YTO YTORBIT ErikTV365 Zilla 500 days in a row lifetime commitment VOTD feature ErikTV365 I WILL Promote YOU on YOUTUBE