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The Beat Suite: THC

4y ago


For the second installment of The Beat Suite, our latest guests to check in are LA natives Rick Bricks & Axl Folie, collectively known as THC. Only coming across my radar about a year & a half ago, they've become the brains behind some of my favorite songs to date, making quite the name for themselves with a sound that separate them from just your ordinary production team. If you're an avid reader of this site, or even a fan of all the music coming out of "the new west," you've certainly heard their work. They are responsible for cuts like Dom Kennedy "The Ways", Kendrick Lamar "Fuck Your Ethnicity", OverDoz "Don't Wanna Be Your Girlfriend", ScHoolboy Q "Oxy Music", & the list goes on. It's for certain that these guys know how to make jams; from something that might make you want to bump n grind (listen to Chris Brown ft. Tyga "Like You") to something that will make you fold your arms & hit someone with a screw face (listen to Kendrick Lamar ft. Gunplay "Cartoons & Cereal"). I recently caught up with Rick & Axl in the comfort of their LA home where we spoke on a few subjects such as when THC came to fruition, their creative process, what they have planned for the remainder of 2012, and more. Being a huge supporter of THC, I was really excited to get this interview and was fortunate enough to hear some of the new music they are working on which all I can say is, it's CRAZY! In this interview, they mention that they are always looking for new sounds. And after what I heard, their new ish' is most definitely introducing us to a new side of THC; once again making them stand out from the rest. It's only a matter of time before A-List artists begin to hop on the wave... As we gain some strong information about the guys from this conversation, you'll certainly be seeing THC check into The Beat Suite again in the near future along with their newest member and AO! favorite producer/singer, Iman Omari. The announcement was most recently made at the end of OverDoz' new video "Lauren London" which dropped after this interview was coordinated so don't fret! -- we'll certainly be getting the scoop on how this music match came about being that Iman & THC were already frequent collaborators. And if your up on game about everything THC has done, as well as Iman, it's safe to say that THC just became that much more of a force to be reckoned with.