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Beach House - Lazuli

4y ago


Beach House's "Lazuli" off of their 4th album Bloom. Director: Allen Cordell Production Company: Cause & [Effect], NY ( Producers: Matthew Snetzko, Michelle Cuccuini Post Producer: Jeff Wolfe Executive Producers: Jason Zemlicka, Jamie Hubbard Starring: Kira Blazek, Ronald Thomas, Peter Boustani and John Brodeur as the Man from Another Dimension Director of Photography: Richard Kim Editor: Allen Cordell Visual Effects, Animation and Design: Justin Acree, Tim Lines, Pachy Sarmiento, Ishraque Nazmi Production Designer: Sara K. White Colorist: Tristan Kneschke, Exit Editorial Color Facilities Provided by: Pleasant Post Assistant Editor: Brock Bodell 1st Assistant Director: Vladimir Bourdeau de Fontenay 1st AC: Greg Pace Wardrobe: Laurie Isabella Hair & Makeup: Christy Diane Smith 1st Gaffer: Ivan Castillo Key Grip: Ling Mai Art Department: Nick Ducassi Rig Removal and Additional Compositing: Kris A. Rotoscope: George Zeis Production Assistants: Brad Trocki, John McCarten, Mary Howard Ade, Kavitha Surana Special Thanks: Rob Schroeder, Georg Kallert & Lodger Films, The Call Box Lounge, Chuck Stern & the Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Jacob Robinette & Embody Language Studio, Brooklyn Fireproof/Nut Roaster Studios, Jason Foster, Hanna Furrey, Alfie Palao, Alan Lampert, Leslie Yoon, Forrest Heidel, Tonianne Fleig, Barney Murray, John Vernon, Sean Patrick Kelly, Allie Hess, Adam Dooling, Morgan Blair, Laura Leanne Wilson, Helen Elizabeth, Bob Dolan, Sophia Peer, Erica Magrey, Jimmy Joe Roche