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BBC Panorama - What happened on the Flotilla to Gaza 2 of 2

4y ago


Who is really to blame for the embargo? Israel that left Gaza peacefully, and was thanked with over 6000 rockets into Israel before finally giving in and responding, or Hamas that kills its co-religionists, places its civilians at military targets, and provokes Israel into finally stopping the barrage of missiles on civilian targets. Who should we condemn though? Hamas that deliberately targets Israeli children and civilians, or Israel that enforced its own law of an embargo that was itself placed as a result of 6000 rockets, after the so-called peace activists broke Israeli law and attacked those soldiers attempting to enforce the law. Was it pre-meditated? Was the result deliberate? Irrelevant, they were breaking Israeli law, and Israel enforced such. It's especially laughable that so many liberals are so quick to condemn George Bush for overthrowing the tyrant Saddam Hussein, because he threatened multilateralism and international law, and these same people will support these so called peace activists who express an even clearer disregard for the law. It's so obvious that even the BBC recognised that these aims were completely disingenuous and embarrassingly and predictably large portions of the west fell for it nonetheless.