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Batman Maybe (original lyrics)

1y ago


SCROLL DOWN FOR LYRICS!! A Dark Knight Rises and Carly Rae Jepson Mash-Up featuring Blake, Bruce Wayne, Batman, Catwoman, Bane, Commissioner Gordon and Nightwing...maybe. Let's get contagious, send to friends! Directed By Wesley Freitas Shot By Jonathan Bruno Edited by Tyler Trautman Many thanks to Brian Nest for the Batman Costume, Bob and Michelle Fullmer for the Manor and for SiresCrown for the Penthouse. Shot out to unmentioned crew members Trey Everett, Tal and April, Brett Atkinson, Brian Price and CJ Thomason. Lyrics: I Rang your Wayne Manor Bell Your secrets I'll never tell But things aren't going so well Oh yeah and by the way, This Harvey dent day is crap I know that you took the wrap Its been eight years and no bat And so I gotta say Your dread was holding Smoke bombs you were throwing Dark Knight, cape was flowin What the hell you doing lately!? Hey, when I met you It was crazy A Lamborghini And two hot ladies You tried to look like You were happy But you were batman And really angry Hey, when I met you You were crazy You Drove a tumbler Through Gotham city And all the orphan boys Tried to haze me I know you're batman So stop being lazy They say your pissing in jars You got long nails and weird scars And that you don't drive your cars Oh yeah and by the way I think this cat lady steals, She's doing back flips in heels Acting like its no big deal And did I mention bane. His fame is growing Weird mask muscles showin Almost killed Jim Gordon What you gonna do about it!? Hey, When I met you It was crazy You drove a tumbler In Gotham city It's hard to walk right With a bad knee Go see a doctor A Leg brace maybe Hey when I met you, You were crazy You Used a sky hook To kidnapp Chinese This harvey dent day It don't phaze me We need the batman So Quit being lazy Before you were the Dark Knight Gotham was so bad It was so bad I mean like so so bad Before you were the dark knight Gotham was so bad Now we miss batman So just be bat bat-man It's hard fight crime From the east wing So ride your bat pod And shoot that gun thing Hey when I met you, You were crazy You drove a tumbler Through Gotham City And all The orphan boys Tried to haze me I know you're batman So stop being lazy Before this Bane guy steals your cash Just shave your mustache shave off your mustache Just Shave off your mustache Don't put on the batman mask With a mustache Just shave your mustache There is no bat-man-stache