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white and blue

white and blue

BATMAN forgot the Jokers. Police Audio..

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2.30 "we got the back covered and the south side covered" 3.10 "I'm being told he's in theatre 9" 3.22. "he's on the East side - I need officers on the East side" 4.16 " I need a -------- behind the theatre southside suspect in a gasmask" 4.50. "is that a suspect" 4.58 "Yes we got rifles. gas masks, he's detained right now I've got an open door going into the theatre" 5.04 "ok hold that position, hold your suspect" 5.14 "All cars coming in set up a perimeter around the entire mall" 8.00 "One of the shooters might be wearing a white and blue plaid shirt" 9.50 "Suspect says he is the only one but I'm getting conflicting suspect descriptions from the witnesses out here 12.30 "Lincoln 25 get everybody on this - this is assault rifle we have magazines down inside so everybody watch out for the assault rifle" 15.40 "Cruiser 49 I'm already identifying parties who actually saw the entire thing as it unfolded, so cars continue to stop people and ask questions as to what they saw" 18.00 "Down the screens because there are recesses behind them they are huge" 18.10 "yes we have 5 possible foyers in here we are checking them NOW" 22.15 "One of the construction workers said somebody just came poking out of the parking lot, male red back pack is all they saw heading towards Alameda" 22.38 "Male dressed in black with a black back pack going towards the North East" 22.44 "Copy all units - denver..21 .stating a male with a red back pack and another one possibly in black clothing heading towards Alameda" 23.00 "suspect is going to be male, unknown race, black camo outfit, believed to be wearing a vest, gas mask and multiple long guns" 23.00 "All units responding Suspect black camo outfit, possible vest, gasmask and multiple long guns In the chaos following the shooting, Holmes almost got away. He was wearing tactical gear and looked like any other SWAT member on the scene, except his gas mask was different. "There was one particular piece of equipment he had on him that was out of place, and I am so proud of my officers that they spotted that right away and challenged him." Find the pics of where the gas mask discarded was located....welcome to your rabbit hole. We do not forgive, forget you expected us.