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sound designer

sound designer

Batman at the Checkpoint - Extract

3y ago


An Israeli car and a Palestinian car are stuck in traffic in front of a barricade at the entrance of Jerusalem, coming from the Dead Sea. Yuval and Mahmoud, both two six-year-old boys, find that it's much more fun to pass the time playing with one another. But when Mahmoud's father tries to cut into the other's lane, Yuval's father bumps into his car in an attempt to prevent him, and things start to get complicated. What began as a game becomes an outright battle for a plastic Batman doll. PRINCIPAL CREDITS: Producer Ruth Ersfeld & Martin Heisler, Lichtblick Media GmbH In cooperation with Black Sheep Films – Saar Yogev, Naomi Levari & Rotem Faran Line producer – Rom Barnea Cinematography – Moshe Mishali Costume Designer - Yaron Arya Set Designer - Tal Bernstein Rainer Sound Recorder: Boris Molchanov Editor – Clements Walter, Mirja Gerle Composer: Yuval Helprn Sound Designer – Martin Frühmorgen PRINCIPAL CAST: Yoav Saadian Rosenberg, Michel Abou Maneh, Roy Turgeman, Sharon Ingrid Stark, Raida Adon, Nisso Kavia