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Staff Picks

Batman: Arkham City DLC Harley Quinn's Revenge, DiRT Showdown & Resistance Vita! - Mix'd Reviews

4y ago


Today, Mix'd Reviews covers Arkham City's downloadable epilogue, starring the Boy Wonder himself - Robin. We also mix through reviews for new racing game, DiRT Showdown, and the very first first-person shooter on the Vita - Resistance Burning Skies. ----- Important Stuff! We calculate the Mix by taking the most popular review sites on the web and averaging their scores together. While we can only showcase a few of these reviews in the show, the full list of sites are featured below: DIRT SHOWDOWN GamesRadar Game Informer GameTrailers Playstation Official Magazine UK IGN Guardian Edge Magazine Eurogamer GameSpot EGM Official Xbox Magazine UK RESISTANCE BURNING SKIES GameTrailers Playstation Official Magazine UK Digital Spy IGN Edge Magazine GamesRadar Destructoid ARKHAM CITY: HARLEY'S REVENGE IGN Official Xbox Magazine Official Xbox Magazine UK