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Barry Hinckley for U.S. Senate - Political Will

4y ago


Rhode Island's Junior Senator Sheldon Whitehouse spoke at Netroots Nation 2012 in Providence, Rhode Island. He mentioned how conservatives have sensible ideas such as balancing the national budget, however, contradicts his previous statement that he does not support a balanced budget amendment. The Balanced Budget Amendment would force our representatives to live within our means and pass a balanced budget. Just as any average American citizen must balanced their personal budgets to pay their mortgages on time and put food on their tables - our government should have the same responsibility. As Senator, Barry Hinckley will work with other advocates of a balanced budget amendment to get it passed. The following US Senators sponsored the Balanced Budget Amendment: Orrin G. Hatch (UT - R) Lamar Alexander (TN - R) Kelly A. Ayotte (NH - R) John Barrasso (WY - R) Roy Blunt (MO - R) John N. Boozman (AR - R) Scott P. Brown (MA - R) Richard M. Burr (NC - R) Clarence Saxby Chambliss (GA - R) Daniel R. Coats (IN - R) Thomas Allen 'Tom' Coburn (OK - R) Thad Cochran (MS - R) Susan M. Collins (ME - R) Robert 'Bob' Corker (TN - R) John Cornyn (TX - R) Michael D. 'Mike' Crapo (ID - R) James W. 'Jim' DeMint (SC - R) John Eric Ensign (NV - R) (Out Of Office) Michael B. 'Mike' Enzi (WY - R) Lindsey O. Graham (SC - R) Charles E. 'Chuck' Grassley (IA - R) Dean Heller (NV - R) John H. Hoeven (ND - R) Kay Bailey Hutchison (TX - R) James M. 'Jim' Inhofe (OK - R) John H. 'Johnny' Isakson (GA - R) Mike O. Johanns (NE - R) Ron Johnson (WI - R) Mark Steven Kirk (IL - R) Jon Kyl (AZ - R) Michael 'Mike' Lee (UT - R) Richard G. 'Dick' Lugar (IN - R) John Sidney McCain III (AZ - R) Mitch McConnell (KY - R) Jerry Moran (KS - R) Lisa A. Murkowski (AK - R) Rand Paul (KY - R) Robert J. 'Rob' Portman (OH - R) James E. 'Jim' Risch (ID - R) Charles Patrick 'Pat' Roberts (KS - R) Marco Rubio (FL - R) Jefferson Beauregard 'Jeff' Sessions III (AL - R) Richard C. Shelby (AL - R) Olympia Jean Snowe (ME - R) John R. Thune (SD - R) Patrick J. 'Pat' Toomey (PA - R) David B. Vitter (LA - R) Roger F. Wicker (MS - R)