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psychic medium

psychic medium

Barry Gray Psychic Medium at the Field of Grace Brisbane Part 2

4y ago


This is the 2nd part of a video where Barry is a Guest speaker at the Field of Grace Centre at Albion Brisbane. Barry Gray is a psychic medium based here on the Gold Coast, In this video he is performing a one on one reading. It will give you an insight as to the way he deals with spirit. to learn more about Barry visit his website If you are interested in spiritualism and want to know more about what is happening on the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast. We now have the South East Spiritual Connection which is a collection of the leading psychics, clairvoyants, healers and many modalities all brought together. If you are looking for a spiritual church in your area. Each week you can see what is happening as well as updates from the major spiritual churches. Cameron the facilitator of this channel is involved in magnetic therapy. His company manufactures magnetic products here on the Gold Coast. He first got involved in new age spirituality through the Mind Body and Spirit Festivals. His goal is to create a better awareness of these unique modalities. You can contact Cameron on 0414714948 or his website