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willie johnson

willie johnson

Barnyard (VHS) - The Pilgrim Jubilees,"Live From Jackson, Mississippi"

4y ago


The Pilgrim Jubilees are known affectionaltely as "The Jubes" througout the country. They are also known for their gospel music with its driving beat. The group traces its beginning back to 1934, in Houston, Mississippi, when Elgie Graham and Willie Johnson decided to form a duet. In 1946, Theophilles Graham, Monroe Hatchett, and Leonard Brownlee were added, and The Pilgrim Jubilees were formed. These members remained intact until 1950, when the Graham family moved to Chicago, Illinois. In the early fifties the group was reorganized buy Elgie Graham. He brought in Major Roberson, Kenneth Madden and his brothers, Cleve and Clay Graham. In 1955 Elgie decided to retire from the group, but encouraged them to continue singing God's praises. Other than the departure of Kenneth Madden, and the arrival of Ben Chandler, the group presently remains intact. They released their first recording on the Nashboro Record label, and received a fair amount of recognition. After many prayers and meditations, Major Roberson and Rufus Crume composed "Stretch Out". While singing on a program in Atlanta, Georgia, they were noticed by Dave Clark, who was at Peacock-Songbird Records at the time. He recommended that Peacock sign them, and with the release of "Stretch Out", the group received national recognition, as well as a Gold Record. In 1979 "The Jubes", signed with Savoy Records. During their stay, they recorded four albums entitled, "Keep on Climbing", "Put On Your Shoes", "Whensoever I Pray", and "Put Your Trust In Jesus". It was during this time that they established themselves as one of gospel's top quartets. From these albums came such hits as "Rich Man, Poor Man", "I'm Happy With Jesus Alone", "Whensoever I Pray", "Put Your Trust In Jesus", "I'm Glad You Looked My Way", and many others. In 1987 they signed with Malaco Records and released "Gospel Roots", which immediately hit the Billboard Top Forty Gospel Chart. 1988 brought the release of their second Malaco project entitled "Back to Basics". It reached the top twenty-five on Billboard. "Family affair", released in 1991, reached the top twenty on Billboard and Cashbox and was nominated for a Stellar Award. 'I'm Getting Better All the Time" released in late 1992, has enjoyed extensive airplay nationally and is proving to be a favorite of gospel music lovers everywhere. According to Pastor Naomi Durant of Baltimore Maryland, when you listen to The Jubes, you will understand endurance. For these men are legends in their own time. They have withstood the test of time. DISCLAIMER: NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. I OWN ABSOLUTELY NONE OF THESE VIDEOS (UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED). COPYRIGHTS BELONG TO THEIR ORIGINAL OWNERS. MUSICAL VIDEOS POSTED ON THIS CHANNEL ARE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.