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the triplets

the triplets

BABY WEIGHTS Fitness Infomercial Parody

4y ago


DISCLAIMER: These exercises have not been reviewed by a fitness authority they are my random thoughts as a parent. I did get exercise during the making of this video! BABY WEIGHTS Are you tired of boring workouts? Do you feel like your exercises have no personality? Want to increase the intensity of your workout over time? What if I told you it can happen, automatically? [DING] We've discovered a brand new type of exercise system! Step 1 Find someone you love Step 2 Wait 9 months (delivery time varies between 38 and 42 weeks) And then you'll have Baby Weights! For an even more intense and back breaking workout Get the Twins or the Triplets, even the octoplets (*reality show not included) Baby weights is an exercise system that will increase in difficulty as your strength and endurance increases. With multiple stages like newborn, infant, toddler, child and teen you'll never be able to beat this system! With exercises like: The Baby Chest Press The Baby Arm Curl The Baby Superman The Baby Shoulder Press The Baby Hat Lifter (...Everyone needs a strong neck) The Airplane (...You'll be flying high with this exercise) The Baby Mega Lift The Baby Butt Bounce (sooth the baby and workout at the same time) The Carseat Buckle (required by law) The Carseat Rocker (Good for when you are on the go) The Carseat Arm Curl The Carseat lateral swing! And the advanced Carseat curl without the handle! (...Really strengthens the fingers, and LOOK at the muscle) The Stroller push (You'll have a grand old time, so will the baby and you'll get a workout almost without noticing) The Burper (Get in shape while you get the gas out!) Wanna improve your hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and your patience? Try The Outfit Changer! For those days when you want to sleep after your workout, you can do: The Pacifier The bouncy seat The Rocker and The Rockers (amazing YouTube star not included) We'll also include exercises like: The Pat Rock Dip The Hair Pull The Cat Hair Pull (...hey, They love their kitties) The Simba and The Elevator And to really work those abs: The Ab Jump (Let's interrupt this program for a moment of cuteness) You can even do the Silly Stair Stepper And if that's not enough, you can do any of these additional exercises: [credits zoom by] The diapers (preferably cloth) The late night feeding The baby food (preferably home made) The Crawler The Baby proofer The First Steps The Terrible Twos The Terrible Threes The preschooler The Kindergartener The learn to ride a bike The learn to ride a unicycle The Homework The macaroni necklace The grade schooler The science fair project The Music Lessons The Talent Show The skinned Knee The middle schooler The board games The basketball game The soccer game The baseball game The hockey game The parent teacher conference The report card The sleepover The birthday party The first boyfriend or girlfriend The High Schooler The Drivers Ed The Can I borrow the Car? The mom, dad I crashed the car. The Senior Prom The SAT or ACT The planning for college or working at McDonalds The College move The home from college for laundry The College graduation The "Can I move in with you. I can't find a job?" And more for the rest of your life! [Thumbs up in the last frame should freeze frame, turn into cutout and blue background with phone number information and price, etc. ] Now usually with a system like this you could expect to pay 1000s of dollars. But in this case you'd be wrong. The entire baby weights system can be yours now totally free*! Call your significant other now! (disclaimer) Price does not including the following costs: Dinner and movie The Candles The Wine The Romance The Pregnancy test The Pregnancy test again And again (just to make sure) Medical Insurance Prenatal care Medical bills Labor and delivery (preferably with a midwife) More medical bills Baby cloths Diapers And other baby care related items Call them now!! Songs: Funk You - © 2008 By Tulleuchen Baby Cute Interlude -- © 20...