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Ayreon - To the Quasar: a) The Taurus Pulsar b) Quasar 3C273

4y ago


Der Song "To the Quasar: a) The Taurus Pulsar b) Quasar 3C273" ist aus Ayreons "The Universal Migrator Part 2: Flight Of The Migrator". Das Bildmaterial hab ich aus der Doku "Das Universum - Eine Reise ins Unbekannte Teil 2" zusammengebastelt. Lyrics: We are on our way to the quasar, an object as bright as a galaxy. Our hope is that the quasar may contain an unfathomable source of power and peril at its center ... a black hole." "On our journey, we receive the radio emissions of a pulsar -- an imploded neutron star." [A. THE TAURUS PULSAR] Within a distant nebula in the Taurus zodiac I hear the wailing of a star, the weak pulse of a fading sun All its fuel is burning out and its light will fade to black I can't ignore its hopeless shout as it fires its death cry out in space A star in Taurus lights up and outshines the galaxy A fleeting moment of glory in time and space A supernova resounds, a desperate symphony Leaving behind a beacon fallen from grace Lift your head up to the sky And hear the faraway cry of a dying star I heard its message from afar A frequent surge of sight and sound We approach the fallen neutron star Spinning round and round and round We attend this cosmic mass and we hear its sad lament But even stars and planets pass in this cold and everlasting place Lift your head up to the sky and hear the cry... "We have encountered a quasar in the constellation Virgo. But does it really contain a black hole, the portal to our final destination?" [B. QUASAR 3C273] [Andi Deris, Lana Lane] Heading off into the core of a newborn galaxy We have reached a brilliant star-like source of energy This cosmic spectacle of radiance was formed Fifteen billion years ago when the universe was born To the quasar Beyond the milky way The redshift is high, a bright light in the sky To the dark star Beyond the light of day The gravity's high, a black sun in the sky 3C273 As we approach the sea of light I'm forced to close my eyes I can feel the vibrant waves of centuries go by Then the pull of an unseen force is tearing us away Could it be we found the entrance to our passageway?