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one week

one week

AXE Chickipedia - Mood Swings - Girlfriends at their worst! - Ep 12

4y ago


Have you ever wondered how your girlfriend's beautiful smile suddenly turns into an irritable expression and you don't even know what have you done to cause it. does she suddenly burst into tears, or pick an unnecessary fight, then you should know its that time of the month when you will be suffering with no fault of yours. So to know that to what extent a girl can go on her mood swings days watch this latest episode of AXE Chickipedia and also find out the right answers to all your girlfriend's questions during her mood swings days! AXE Chickiquote: The difference between a terrorist and a women on her mood swing days is that you can negotiate with a terrorist. AXE Chicktionary: Mood Swings (noun) - A period of one week where a woman will turn you into a prisoner and wont let you run wont let you live, eat, drink, breath or sleep! LIKE and SHARE this video with your friends if you relate to it and have also experienced Gold Digger girlfriends. If you have anything to add our Gold Digger episode, feel free to put your comment in the "COMMENTS" section, and we will definitely get back to you! Subscribe to now for the latest updates on Bindass AXE Chickipedia so that you can Learn More and Suffer Less! Follow us on