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connecting the dots

connecting the dots

Awareness: intellect & research vs. higher understanding

4y ago


Dear Ascension Pioneers! In this age of information, we are constantly being bombarded with data and various resources. We need to raise our awareness to know what truly is wisdom, which means knowledge through higher understanding, as opposed to knowledge through intellect, which is a filter of the mind. When researches use logic, they can alter Truth in many ways and forms, and that is why it is so important to connect with our Divine guidance, to be Self empowered sovereign Beings who come to their understanding through awareness, not proof or research of others. There are many great researches out there who are connecting the dots, including researchers of consciousness, but in the end, we need to connect the dots on our own. We can only decipher Truth through awareness, for it needs to come through us, no one has answers for us. Only the Divine truly knows, and Divinity is found within! Within Divine Love, Polona