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kiss kiss bang bang

kiss kiss bang bang

Avengers | Steve/Tony | Take me as I am

4y ago


WATCH IN 480p! Pretty please? Sorry for the missing second at the end, I didn't get it any better. I also have no clue what happened to the quality... sorry. HAPPY NEW YEAR. Or something. I'm not sure if I'll be online on New Year, so you can have the vid now. (Not that anyone cares.) I was bored & I wanted to do some Steve/Tony fluff, although it's more like Colin/Peter 'cause I mostly used What's your number and Due Date... oh well. IMPORTANT: The coloring is by OurMercy with a slight edit of myself. Check them out, they're amazing. tumblr: Song: FM Static - Take me as I am Movies used: Captain America Charlie Bartlett Due Date Gothika Iron Man 1&2 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Push The Losers What's your number? THIS IS PURELY FANMADE. I DON'T MAKE ANY MONEY WITH THAT AND I HAVE NO INTENTIONS TO DO SO.