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sound designer

sound designer

ATEEQ - Lost Control (2012) Trailer

4y ago


IQRA UNIVERSITY - My Feature Film "LOST CONTROL" Trailer! Duration: 01:03:07 Genre: Musical/Drama Language & Setting: Western Producer, Storywriter, Screenplay writer, Director, Production Designer, Line Producer Lead actor, Editor, Sound Designer: ATEEQ I Thank All My Dear Friends SPECIALLY My Awesome CINEMATOGRAPHER & Lost Control Team Member: "Athar Hasan Gilani" who Did a Fantastic Job without any Professional Shooting equipment at this Level in every shoot in so much hurry & also letting me edit this Film on his System & "Sibtain Zulfiqar" My Assistant D.O.P who also let me did the final edit & render on his laptop. WE ALL SIMPLY ROCK!!! I also thank my other supporting crew in few shoots "Zain Ali Shah, Ali Raza, Adnan Mehmood, Zeeshan Ali Contractor, Aafaq Azher (for playing & recording the acoustic version & My Vocals) & XoHaib WaQar" CAST: for taking out their time & putting their efforts " Tabassum Aunty (Yasin Farooqi Mother), Syed Faizan Haqqi, Shaikh Ahmed, Athar Hasan Gilani, Aafaq Azhar, Omer Iqbal, Manha Azhar, Kazim Raza" MINOR SUPPORTING CAST & EXTRAS: "Asjad Siddiqui, Tamoor Ali, Salman Ali Khan, Danish Siddique & Shahzad (brother) WHO GAVE THEIR PREMISES & EQUIPMENTS: Zain Ali Shah, Aafaq Azhar, Kababish Restaurant, TAI Karate Club & My family members Mohammed Itratullah (for arranging the Concert Scene Venue for free), Shazi Sh for arranging the Restaurant, helping me in Production management in the restaurant scene & Husaam (who gave me his Club Premises for free & helping me in my Lights arrangements). I THANK YOU ALL BIG TIME!! Contacts: 03333213682