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four horsemen of the apocalypse

four horsemen of the apocalypse

Astronomical Book of Revelation

4y ago


Blog: Astronomical Book of Revelation: Click to hear Karin on Prophesy Hour: Coast to Coast: Karin has been featured repeatedly on such shows such as Prophecy hour, Prophecy club, and numerous radio and TV  broadcasts including CNN, TBN and  Coast to Coast.  Not just an armchair researcher, Karin as had direct meaningful discussion with many prominent men in Israel, both secular and religious, as well as leaders of Islam at the "Mosque of Omar". She currently has been heard in over 84 countries.  Some of her more popular topics included the recovery of about 900 lbs. of the Holy incense, from the last Temple Period, just before its desecration which was given over to the temple institute.  You may find how her and her husband burned the HOLY incense in the Negev;  as well as Karin's burning of the Holy incense in the Great Pyramid and it effects.  Or you may find their Amazing archeology discoveries such as the Hand of GOD, the Face of Jacob, and the name of God; all found in the Temple mount area of Jerusalem.  The Bible speaks of a heavenly scroll example.  Moses was told when he built the Tabernacle to make it according to "the pattern as seen in the heavens". The Torah also depicts the heavens being rolled up as scroll, so what exactly is this scroll and how might we recognize it?  Well, since the Torah scroll represents what a scroll should embody, let's start there.  So what makes up the Torah scroll?  Well first, it has as its most prominent feature TWO poles. The scroll is read from the right pole to the left pole. Now the Torah scroll has several other features, these include the 'YOD', this is the pointer finger and is attached to the scroll is a Crown resting on one of the poles of the  scroll.  It is important to note that all Torah scrolls used in service have these defining characteristics these being the TWO poles, the Yod or pointer finger, and the Crown.  What we need to do now ask if these images are present in the heavens.  The answer is clearly yes as will be shown.  First of all let's consider that due to the procession of the equinoxes we have TWO pole as defined by Polaris and Draco changing places approximately every 12,000 or so years. So where is the Crown, where is the YOD, the finger to point? The pointer finger or YOD  which means the finger to point as if to teach is found in the big dipper  or Ursa Major. To this day the boy scouts teach that two stars align to point to the North Pole. Many planetariums call Ursa Major i.e. the big dipper the pointer finger.   Just like we see on the Torah scroll. Regarding the crown if we look to the heavens we see the deacon called Cephus. He is the King with the crown and also the cross.   This leads us the questions; why is this important and what can I learn from this revelation?  We are now lead to the question of what is written on this scroll, and moreover, can I read it? The answer is clearly YES, but it requires us to learn a new language.  Now since the alter features prominently in the Torah.  When we consider the constellations of Taurus the Bull and Aries the lamb we see the Four horns of the alter, two horns of Tarsus and two horns of Aries, further we see the Milky Way rising from the alter to represent the sweet incense.  Now at this point you are probably saying, "Cool, but big deal".  I must admit I would agree with you, Big Deal! What a couple of horns and some smoke?  Here's the scene, the whole Torah is written in the stars down to the smallest detail.  It can be show that the 40 some required steps of the Yom Kippur service are reflected in the heavenly theater, that is the star charterers, confirming the Torah and all its promises to mankind It can be shown that the heavens do indeed declare the GLORY OF GOD this as a second witness to the Torah to the end that we might be more firmly established in our FAITH of the promise the external living ...