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Ash - Petrol (Garage Girl Demo 1993)

4y ago


Ash - Petrol (Garage Girl Demo 1993) Information About This Demo: - Garage Girl was recorded in February 1993 at Cosmic Ray's 8-Track Studio. However, the studio only had 7-tracks because the 8th track was broken. - The cover was designed and drawn by Mark Hamilton (the bassist) and contains a girl at a gas station filling her car with gas. - This demo tape contained the 2 best songs from Shed which later appeared on Trailer; "Jack Names The Planets" & "Intense Thing." - The track "Jack Names The Planets," which originally appeared on Shed, was to become Ash's first single and "Petrol," their 2nd. - "Don't Know," "Coasting," "The Little Pond," and "Jazz '59" were later released as b-sides. - "Intense Thing" and "Obscure Thing" ended up being re-recorded again for Ash's first album, Trailer. - This demo features the second recording of "Obscure Thing," which sounds different than any other recording of the song. This version contains sung vocals, some of which Tim screams raspily at the top of his lungs. - "Only Friend" (formerly "Ex Bon Jovi"), "Don't Talk To Them," and "Rick's Riff" are re-recorded versions. - Track 8, "Don't Talk To Them," is absent from the tracklisting on the tape's insert but appears on the tape. - "Coasting" was re-recorded MUCH later and released as a b-side to the "There's A Star" single in December 2001. A session version of "Coasting" from the 1994 BBC Session at Maida Vale Studios also appeared on a freebie 2-disc compilation CD distributed with Volume magazine called "Volume 14: Reading '95 Offical Volume Special" in 1995. - This was the demo tape that gained Ash the attention they needed to start a successful music career. A friend of the band had a friend who knew a man named Stephen Taverner (Tav) starting up a record label called La La Land Records. So, Ash decided to submit the Garage Girl demo to La La Land. After Tav heard Garage Girl, he offered Ash a record deal with La La Land, which they accepted. Accordingly, Ash recorded the single version of "Jack Names The Planets," an early version of "Season," and the b-side version of "Don't Know" for La La Land Records in September 1993. At the end of 1993, Ash released the recording of "Season" on a rare 4-way split 12" with Buttlip, Marabone, and Fat on Raptor Records. This marked Ash's first offical non-demo release. In February 1994 "Jack Names The Planets" was then released as Ash's first single with the "Don't Know" recording as the b-side. This same "Jack Names The Planets" single was later re-released in 2002 with the original 1994 versions of "Jack Names The Planets" and "Don't Know" and included the original rare version of "Season" as a bonus track. Another version of the "Jack Names The Planets" single also exists with the much more common album version from Trailer and a radio edit, released around the time of the Angus movie soundtrack which gained Ash their first nationwide radioplay.