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set design

set design

AS BARCAS ( THE BOATS ) @ Torres Vedras

1y ago


Contemporary Mysteries We took the texts of Gil Vicente (The Boat to Hell, The Boat to Purgatory and The Boat to Heaven), has the basis of creation that for us is like a journey. The texts and ideas of author and founder of Portuguese Theatre, Gil Vicente, fed our creation, and were transformed in apiece where words are engraved in the bodies, involving them in the time and space theyinhabit. The approach onto the medieval world, onto the basis of European and Portuguese theatre, fits the context of the Company's work on classical texts. It's an investment in the research of such a fertile subject, for the rediscover that it provides, of different world perspectives. On those travels to the common past, we find the medieval concept to turn "the world upside down" to reveal it's details, secrets and subtleties. This concept, by its operational, has become one of the piece's subtle dramaturgies. Dramaturgy for the creation of contemporary mysteries. For The Boats we have developed a work system that unfolds in two directions, which we try to coexist: the performance and real time interactive technologies. We returned to the travel theme. Travel to an impossible body, unknown, to a body lost in an empty labyrinth of senses, condemned, impossible timeless body, turned out side out, body that moves itself in a space beyond life, in a death owned space. In the text we search the body, the skeleton, the muscle. We look for the sensitivity underneath language, inside the secrets and the opacity of the senses, of words, as gazes upon the world. This set of texts make the death speak about themselves, about their life and the way they live it. These texts work like inverted mirrors of the world, of a time. They are the texts of an impossible world. CREDITS Staging and adaptation of Gil Vicente's text Director | João Garcia Miguel Cast | Felix Lozano | Sara Ribeiro | David Pereira Bastos | Costanza Givone Music and Video | Rui Gato [How] Costumes | Steve Denton Interactive Audio-visual Programming | André Sier Technical Director and Light | Luís Bombico Production Director | Filipa Hora Dramaturgy Consultant | Teresa Fradique Set Design Assistant | Mantos Production Director | Filipa Hora Photography | Jorge Reis Assistant Director | João Samões Producer | Cláudia Figueiredo Graphic Suport | Red Beard Production | JGM, Guimarães Capital da Cultura | Festival Gil Vicente Co-Production | Islotes En Red, Rui Viola Produções