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volume one

volume one

The Art of Fighting: Muay Thai Chaiya Part 1

4y ago


Antonio Graceffo teams up with Robert Clyne, formerly of Fight Japan. The two pooled their efforts to create a brand-new, TV quality show, called The Art of Fighting. The show will be available on DVDs and on certain cable channels in USA later this year. Robert has years of experience creating his show, Fight Japan. Antonio has done over one hundred episodes of his show, Martial Arts Odyssey. The two together cant be beat. Robert directs, talks and writes. Antonio fights and gives expert commentary on the various martial arts they explore. Martial Arts Odyssey will continue as always. And Robert will continue with his own projects. But now, fans will have a chance to see a really professional show, The Art of Fighting. Watch it on youtube, facebook, and soon on TV and DVD. Listen to the Brooklyn Monk in Asia Podcast, for free Antonio Graceffo is a martial arts and adventure author living in Asia. He is the author of six books, available on, most notably, Warrior Odyssey and The Monk from Brooklyn. He is the host of the web TV show Martial Arts Odyssey, which has had over 160 episodes. Of late, he is starring in the world's first 3D martial arts TV series, Brooklyn Monk. His website is you can contact him through his website and sign up for his newsletter, as well as order copies of his books or the DVD Martial Arts Odyssey, Volume One Follow Brooklyn Monk on twitter Join the Brooklyn Monk fan page on facebook