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i remember

i remember

Arnav & Khushi •//• '..feel so close to you right now' *1st Anniversay of Rabba Ve* IPK 5th July

2y ago


HD & Fullscreen for just 0:44 Secs. Please :) Today was the First Ever Rabba Ve. Gosh. I remember when I watched it and was drooling over how Arnav and Khushi looked. This exact day. And of course tomorrow, the First Rain scene. *-* 5th - 6th July 2011. Memorable day. And around this time, I made my second vm on Arhi, I never knew how much these two will be a part of me. Can't remember my life without IPKKND and what it brought to my life. Because of this show, I met Yashi. right around this time. She has been an Amazing friend ever since. Always had my back. through thick and thin. Always encouraged me to vid by those Perfect comments of hers. She is an awesome friend and on top of that an incredible vidder. Thank you IPKKND for unintentionally making me meet my bestest friend on yt...!! Love you Yashii ♥ No homo =P ahh...Good old memories!! (not the best vid that you deserve, but was busy today :$ sorry jaani) Yashi's account, Check it out. - I-F Link - Hope you all like it. Enjoy the first anniversary of first Rabba Ve. Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe if you haven't.