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the darkness

the darkness

Armenian Apostolic Church is NOT Monophysite!

4y ago


Հայ Առաքելական Եկեղեցին Մոնոֆիզիտ չէ: Անե՛ծք նրան, ով ասում է այս սուտը: Армянская Церковь не монофизит! Armenian Apostolic Church confesses the Dogma of Hell, Paradise and Purgatory , as Saint Herses Shnorhali admits : "When the fire burns the darkness yields, and we receive the remission of sins.' Also When our Lord addressed to the good thief, He mentioned that TODAY the thief will be with him in Paradise( Luke 23:43). Or when we see poor Lazarus in the bosom of Abraham in Heaven and the evil wealthy man in hell. These refutes the teaching of some heretic priests from the Armenian Apostolic Church who say that the reward for sins and virtue is not given to the souls until the II coming of Christ. -Armenian Apostolic Church confesses ONE Catholic Orthodox Apostolic Church, the unity of universal Church ,its hierarchical structure, as Saint Shnorhali states, "The Head of the Holy Faith is St. Peter , who is the foundation of the Church.' -Armenian Apostolic Church confesses the clause of Filoque , as our holy father, the first Patriarch of our Church Saint Gregory Illuminator (IV AD) says, ' The Father from himself, the Son from the Father, and the Holy Ghost from both- the Father and the Son." -Armenian Apostolic Church confesses the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, that she was taken to Heaven by her body, as the canon law of Apostolic Armenian Church says, " You have ascended to the Heaven of your Son and our God (MASHTOZ). -Armenian Apostolic Church confesses the dogma of Immaculate Conception, as we read in writings of St. St. Narekazi, Shnorhali, etc. the devotional prayers to her as one who is 'more pure than Cherubims of Heaven.'- 'You, birth immaculate, always virgin' (MASHTOZ). The Armenian heretic priests who teach differently than above stated doctrine- are excommunicated from the Church, for this is the teaching of the holy fathers of Armenian Apostolic Church- and no one can stand above them. The Decree of the Patriarch of Armenia, His Hoiness Matheos , 30 May, 1859, Holy Echmiadzin "For Eternity the Profession of Armenian See of Echmiadzin is following: 1.We confess the Holy Council of Chalcedon together with Nicea, Epesos, and Constandinopole 2. We confess the two natures of Christ as a perfect Man and a perfect God, as our Orthodox doctrine teaches us through the doctor, St. Nerses Shnorhaly- 'He died in our nature, yet he is God in eternal nature." 3. We accept the dogma of Purgatory /according to St. Shnorhaly/- ...'The fire burns and the darkness yields.. and the remission of our sins is being granted.' 4. We acknoledge the Christmas to be in December 25, the Baptism of our Lord in January 6th , The Annunciation of Blessed Virgin Mary in March 25, the Presentation in Febriuray 2 . 5.We acknowledge St. Peter and his succesors as a Head of the Church, as it is said about him/ by St. Shnorahaly/- " he is the Head of the holy faith and the foundation of the Church.' 6. We acckoledge the teaching of Saint Gregory Illuminator , that the Holy Ghost is coming from God and the Son, both, "From the Person f the Father, the Son from the Father, and the Holy Ghost from both, in both." 30 May, 1859, The Patriarch of Holy Echmiadzin, His Hoiness Matheos The Holy Decree is issued as legal in 6 February, 1861 Armenian Apostolic Church is NOT Monophysite! It is Orthodox and Catholic. However preaches otherwise- eternal Anathema to such,