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under pressure

under pressure

Arlington TX Chesapeake Frack Opacity Violation

2y ago


Video evidence of failure to use emission control sock/pillowcase frack sand catchers until fired department is called out. I was told that Arlington Fireman Voltmann called these effluents "steam". He needs to learn the difference between a fracking operation (as evidenced by the sign posted) and a flowback operation. Our workers in the city gas drilling dept. also call the white, wafting clouds during flowback "steam". They need to explain why people that are caught driving through this steam (that TCEQ says is under pressure) has health effects ranging from immediate disorientation, tight chest, severe nausea, vomiting, high blood pressure, can't catch breath, coughing, throat gunked up, and heart palpitations. So check out the radioactive hazard of frack sand on this link