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apartment complex

apartment complex

Argument Over An Xbox 360 Results In Two People Dead In An Apartment Building Blaze.

4y ago


Get the best fire fighting DVD Video's @ An alleged argument over an Xbox 360 may have led to the deaths of a mother and daughter in an apartment fire early Wednesday at 5805 Kennedy Terrace in Gary Indiana. Some of the residents in the apartment complex reported the resident in one of the apartments had an argument with a so called acquaintance over the game counsel. At about 12:30am he went back and threw a Molotov cocktail at her door trapping her and her 14 year old daughter in the apartment along with her five other Children. The five children that survived jumped from the second story to safety, but their mother and 14 year old sister were not as fortunate. As of right now this is not confirmed by fire or police officials, but was published in local newspapers. Four residents and a firefighter were transported to area hospitals for non-life threatening injuries. Multiple agencies assisted with ems and suppression efforts. Just as added note, crews were working a house fire on the opposite end of the city trying up 2 of the three working engines leaving a lone engine on the scene which was unable to locate a hydrant for the first five minutes. Three firefighters on an engine were trying to preform rescues and get water on a raging apartment fire solo for awhile without a water source.