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Staff Picks

Are the Olympics A Model for Creating Geniuses? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

4y ago


Everyone is obsessed with the Olympics right now, watching these geniuses push the boundaries of their field. Wait, did we say GENIUSES? Yes! We normally associate the word "genius" with intellectual accomplishments, but athletes are geniuses at pushing their bodies to new heights, making the impossibly difficult seem easy and effortless. While it might not seem like it, genius of any kind requires financial and cultural support. In a world where athletes are developed and celebrated, more so than scientists or artists, it makes sense that we turn to the Olympics as a model for fostering genius. Let us know what sorts of crazy ideas you have, about this episode and otherwise: Tweet at us! @pbsideachannel (yes, the longest twitter username ever) Email us! pbsideachannel [at] gmail [dot] com Hosted by Mike Rugnetta (@mikerugnetta) Made by Kornhaber Brown ( Jonah Lehrer Article: Music By: Roglok Pierre Feraux EatMe DJ Mar.S. Aka One Milk Vangelis Chariots of Fire Level 5: Room for the Homeless Want some more Idea Channel? Here's last week's episode: "Is Dubstep Avant Garde Musical Genius?" Want another one? Here ya go: "Will Minecraft and Makerbot Usher In the Post-Scarcity Economy?" You want more? Check this one out: "How Did Sherlock Holmes Pave the Way for 50 Shades of Grey?"